Uuni Academy, Making a pizza with Uuni

Now that Uuni is shipping to Kickstarter backers and pre-orders are being fulfilled, we taken a minute to shoot a little video showing you how a pizza is made with an Uuni.

We’ll be producing a lot more of these covering all parts of using Uuni as well as different recipes you can cook with it. If there’s something you’d like to see as a video, let us know in the comments!!

2 thoughts on “Uuni Academy, Making a pizza with Uuni”

  1. Hi-
    When cooking pizza for 6 people, what’s the best way to keep the stone clean and free from cornmeal to avoid burnt meal on the bottom of the pizza?
    Is there a better way than cornmeal to help the raw pizza slide into the oven?
    Bob Risk

    1. Hi Bob! Thanks for stopping by. To be honest, we sprinkle the smallest amount of flour onto the peel, the exact same flour that’s used in making the dough. You can also use semolina but will find it works similar to cornmeal. Traditional pizza makers will use both of these for a super crispy base, however, it really comes down to personal taste! Also look at how sticky your dough is prior to stretching, making sure you haven’t added too much water/not enough flour. What makes the pizza stick in the first place is liquid on the peel, holes in the dough or simply working/leaving the dough for too long that it starts to warm up and sticks. Stretch and shape the dough in your hands rather than pushing it into the peel, then place on the peel, give it a little shake so you know it’s not sticking and ready to slide into Uuni and then put the toppings on just before cooking. Don’t hesitate to reach out via support@uuni.net if you have any further questions!

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